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Different varieties of products

KASH's list of goods includes "world" nutritional seeds, cereals, dried fruits... imported and domestically produced.


Natural toasted nuts

This is main product line because we use processing technology at moderate temperatures, ensuring the best natural flavor of each nut.



A delicate blend of nutritious nuts and dried fruits creates a delicious and nutritious product that retains the natural flavors of toasted nuts and fruits.


Flavoured nuts

This colorful world is a rich combination of many types of flavors and colors from nature to create healty snack with attractive and delicious flavors while ensuring nutrition.


Raw nuts & seeds

They are packaged in many different specifications, meeting the diverse needs of customers for processing such as making nut-milk, self-roasting, baking ingredients...


Dried fruits

Fruits always are attractived by natural appeal of color and delicious taste, so Kash offers a variety of dried fruits from domestic to imported lines such as raisins, apricots, jujubes...


​Oats & Cereals

These are a plant-based protein food, rich in dietary fiber, but low in calories and harmful fats. Eating cereal every day helps support a healthy digestive system, reducing bad cholesterol in the body.

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